Business Incubators

Business incubators are a tempory aid to help start up businesses make their first steps in business easier and to be able to enter the market, helping them and lending them services, adapting and tailoring a format for each business project, without applying and profit for the Chamber for the aid, it is accepted that this helps generate development and is of local interest.

The business incubators are aimed at newly formed businesses and they take the form of offices to help to start up the business, understanding that the business is not operating for more than one year.

It is in the form of a space (an office), combining with the availability of offices, development and assessment and the loan of services, they will cover the basic services. They will cover the basic necessities of small to medium businesses, making it more possible to make the start up stage work.

For an application form for a business incubator in “Manuel Perez de Lema”
For an application form for a business incubator in Fuente Alamo

The objectives of the creation of these incubators are:

  • To help with the start up and the consolidation of new start up businesses, covering the basic necessities which they need and to tailor them wherever possible to lessen the difficulties in starting up businesses, which in many ways help with the actual survival of the business itself,
  • They also favour the generation of self employment and by taking on staff,
  • They create conditions which are cost effective and give services which allow entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, and within a limited time, they can enter and compete in the market,
  • Finally, they will help with the development of business activity within the area of the local Chamber of Commerce’s Chapter.

The offices are fitted out with lighting systems, Electricity, air conditioning, internet, phone and the following Office furniture:

  • Office closetoficina
  • Office desk
  • Self standing Drawers
  • 2 Office chairs
  • Work Chair
  • Paper bin
  • Clothes hanger
  • Phone
  • Computerreuniones
  • Soft wear
  • Printer b/w
  • ADSL
  • Air Conditioning

Business Incubators are equipped with the following facilities:

  • Recepción y control de accesos
  • Air conditioning
  • Administrationconferencias
  • Telephonic switchboard
  • Photocopier
  • Printer
  • Fax
  • Scanner
  • Cleaning Services
  • Security
  • Post Box
  • 2 meeting rooms with video conferencing
  • Large meeting rooms (equipped with Computer, projector and sound systems)
  • Computer room
  • Office- (equipped with tables, chairs, fridge, microwave, dishwasher)
  • Private underground parking with 36 parking places
  • Chamber Office
  • Lift

Services offered at the Incubators are:

  • Registration and assessment for grants and subsidies
  • Creation and development of Businesses
  • Internationalisation
  • Personal orientation service
  • Information on Trade Fairs and Franchises
  • Information Back up services
  • Development of Mercantile Registration
  • Complaint forms
  • Digital Certificates
  • Juridical advising
  • Development
  • Assessment by the Chamber.

Access to the business cuberators have to made through the Chamber of Commerce, Cartagena, and to be accompanied by the necessary documentation related to the development or business activity.

The Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena have 2 fully functioning Business Cuberators available. The Manuel Perez de Lema, situated on the old office block of the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena, and another one in Fuente Alamo.

It is important to point out that the Business Incubator situated in Fuente Alamo, has not only offices available, but also warehouse type units, which are suitable for more industrial type of businesses. There are spaces of between 30 to 60 square metres which can facilitate small industrial units, whose activity is also compatible to other activity in the Business Incubator.

The Business Incubator of “Manuel Perez de Lema” image7

Plaza Castellini, nº5
30201 Cartagena
Tlf.: 868 06 60 00 – Fax: 868 06 60 01

The business incubator Manuel Perez De Lema is situated in the Plaza Castallina No 5 and has 35 offices administered throughout 1.148,79 square metres. Each office has space of between 11 to 26 square metres, of which 24 are actually occupied by a total of 19 companies already.

The incubator has three meeting rooms for common use:

Vivero de Empresas

The Assembly room is situated on the bottom floor and can facilitate 40 people and is equipped with copying facilities, multimedia, and a ceiling projector. The Computer room: This room is alongside the meeting room. It has 15 computers and three printers and it can also be joined up to the assembly room to make room for 55 people if necessary. Meeting rooms: These are situated on the second floor and it has a large oval table for 12 people and a phone connection for audio conferencing.

Business Incubator in Fuente Alamo

Vivero de Empresas de Fuente Álamo

C/República de Colombia, S/N
30320 Fuente Álamo
Tlf.: 968 04 46 50 – Fax: 968 04 46 99

The Business incubator is situated alongside the local museum, and it covers an area of 2000 square metres, has a total of 21 offices and warehouses.

All of the offices are 14.75 sq metres and all of the warehouses are made up of 3 x 30 sq metres and 3 x 60 sq metres.

Vivero de Empresas de Fuente Álamo2

  • The Assembly room is situated on the bottom floor and has a capacity for 40 people, which can be amplified to 80 to 100 people if needs be, when the computer room is joined to it. It is equipped with a muti media system, a portable projector and DVD.
  • The Computer room : Also situated on the bottom floor and has 16 computers and an online printer. It is aligned to the Assembly room.
  • 2 Meeting rooms: One is situated on the first floor, and has an oval board meeting table for 8 to 10 people, and the second one is on the bottom floor, also with a similar board table, but also comes equipped with a touch screen TV and has video conferencing.
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