The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation is a Corporation of Public Rights, created with the following purposes:

  • The representation, promotion and the defence of the joint interests of Commerce, Industry and Navigation.
  • The Availability of services to Business.

It is made up of a consultative organ with close corroboration with other Public Administrations and businesses, acting as a backbone to the all mentioned. Governed by the Companies themselves , it manages public resources to carry out public functions under Business criteria, all of which is under a Public Financial control and open to inspection. (Tribunal and Administrative Accounts Department) Corporations are entities which are given sworn identity and which have the following basic characteristics:

  • They have be specifically created by the Law.
  • The law dictates that their duties be carried out in the manner of Public Administration.
  • They do not conform in the strictest since to Public Administration but they do participate in it in a natural form.

The Chambers have this sworn dimension because the Legislative power it has, gives it Social and Economic importance. For that same reason, the Law establishes the automatic inscription of all the Chambers Companies. The Self Employed law 9/03, 23rd December, for all the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation in the Murcia Region. It is from this that they will get their Legal Identity from. Furthermore, from its natural justice of the Chamber of Commerce and its superior Council, its functions and its prepoposed territorial area. That said law confirms a Chamber of Commerce like the the ‘Continental model’ under the control of the best part of Countries in our geographic location (France, Germany, Italy etc.,) Accordingly, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, with over 100 years of Service to Companies and Businesses, can confront future economic challenges with confidence, and which are going to determine the mark of Business Competitiveness.

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