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Overseas Business – C@sce


C@sce is a new consultative service of the Chamber, dealing with overseas business.

The Chamber of Commerce, through the service of C@sce, will offer response and replies to all the most frequent queries that arise from doing business overseas.

The C@sce service will allow the Business itself to deal with their enquiries directly and easily, with the Chambers overseas Department backing them up with a data base of predetermined questions and answers and will be available online in the internet.

The Chamber will offer answers to the most frequent enquiries in the following way:

  • Incoterms
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Administration and Documentation systems
  • Customs and International Financing
  • Payment procedures
  • International Contracts
  • Commercial risk Insurance
  • Export back up
  • After sales service

A Company can access the C@sce service.

  • Through the Internet by going in themselves into the Consultative and Answers base.
  • If Internet Accessibility is not available then the client can have direct contact and dealings with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • If the internet base does not have an adequate or correct answer to an enquiry, then the Company can put a direct enquiry to the Chamber of Commerce which, in turn will deal with the enquiry and get back to them as soon as possible.

C@sce has a technical assistance team, made up of experts in this field.


ATA Folders

ATA Folders

The expansion and globalisation of World Commerce has brought with it, in the past few years, considerable growth in exports and seasonal imports of all kinds of Merchandise and goods, enabling the fundamental function of International Business the possibility to move goods from one place to another with the fastest of speed and with the least possible worry.

The ATA folder or booklet, created in 1964, by the World Organisation of Customs, renewed and reviewed to perfection, by the same agency in 1990, offer, as much as in the World of Commerce, but also through Professional of various diverse natures, the possibility to move their goods, and teams at minimum cost.

Basically the ATA folder is a Customs Document, fruit of the joining up of a serious of Customs instruments, which allow for the free admission allied to the rights of importation, to a wide range of goods and merchandise, which can be classified as follows:

  • Goods and Merchandise that can used or presented at Trade Fairs.
  • Commercial Samples.
  • Professional Material.

Since 1964, a wide network of Chambers of Commerce in Spain, offer the possibility either to Businesses or to Private Individuals, to move their goods or their professional teams with the easiest of ease with one simple document.

The Chamber of Commerce can facilitate such a document, sending it out immediately, without unnecessary holdups, and with the possibility between the Business/Private individal and the Chamber of Commerce.

There are in all parts of the World, Chambers of Commerce which have access and responsibility to use these documents, which in turn converts itself into a chain of ATA, for its independence. It is a fast and efficient system for the movement of goods.

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